Monday, November 24, 2008

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas: Consumables

Clutter-free gift giving works for me! Check out more Works-For-Me ideas!

Tired of giving stuff? You can make the move away from the "materialistic focus" of gift-giving to a "love focus" with clutter-free gift giving.

Clutter-free gift (CFG) giving is the act of gifting items that do not add more stuff (often unneeded) to the recipient's' homes. Many CFGs also let the person know you were truly thinking about their likes, passions and interests.

I offered these 5 areas to think about: Experiences, Donations, Time, Consumables, and Expressions of your love and gratitude.

Moving down the list, today I will be sharing a sampling of Consumable CFG ideas (there are just so many!).......

Consumables are gifts that can be used up. Gift cards or certificates are typical consumable CFGs, but there are many more possibilities. You may come up with luxury idea or practical idea. Think about the items that someone might already buy for themselves.

Also keep in mind those things they have expressed an interest in, but for one reason or another, they don’t buy or do those thing for themselves. Moms are often known for “going without” for the sake of their family or they simply feel guilty giving themselves something, the time, or the permission.

Here are some ideas that I hope will help you generate even more unique consumable CFG ideas for those people in your life.

Gift cards or certificates for:
  • Restaurants

  • Retail shops

  • Food stores

  • Movie theaters

  • Sporting event/recreation

Membership for:

  • Zoos

  • Museums

  • Amusement parks

  • Gift-of-the-month clubs

More great ideas:

  • Make extra food to stock someone’s freezer. This is a great gift of time and consumables!

  • Share your best assortment of homemade Christmas cookies

  • Professional organizing services. Please make sure the recipient is comfortable with this idea prior to purchasing. This can be a sensitive area for many and you don’t want to offend. If this is an area you would love to have help with, be sure to let your loved ones know!

    To locate a professional organizer, visit The National Association of Professional Organizers at or contact me at –I offer various levels of organizing services and would be happy to help you find the right fit.
Please share your consumable gift ideas! More clutter-free gift ideas to come.........

P.S. To make it easy and convenient for you, I have decided to put all of these wonderful clutter-free gift giving ideas, plus many more into one beautiful guide. I will be sending out this special gift with my December Newsletter.

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Catherine said...

Great ideas! My son is making a DVD of his silliness for my husband. That's one of the best he's come up with so far!

Paula Constable said...

I have created a few DVD's. Every year I try to put together an overview of the past year. I am still working on 2007. The first one I did was of my Dad who passed away. I gave it to my Mom and brother a few years later. Other familiy members asked for a copy. I created another one of my Mom after she passed. It a great way to record some fantastic memories. I even had one created for my business (

AudreyO said...

Car wash coupons are another awesome gift to give.


Awesome! I am going to order some those pretty choclate bars :).
Thank you both of you for helping me change my life. I am so much healthy now.
Thank you,

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