Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Clutter-Free Gift Giving Guide

Clutter-free gift giving: I've been talking a lot about this topic, both on my blog and in person. I've been sharing ideas and hearing even more great ideas from you and friends.

To make it easy and convenient for you, I have decided to put all of these wonderful clutter-free gift giving ideas, plus many more into one beautiful guide. I will be sending out this special gift with my December Newsletter.

If you would like to receive The Clutter-Free Gift Giving Guide, just go here to sign up for my free monthly newsletter or go to the sign -up box on the right side bar.


Doré said...

I just signed up for the newsletter. I can't wait for the special bonus section. Thanks so much!

Helene said...

I just signed up too! I can't wait! You have such great ideas! I've already learned some wonderful ways to get organized...I've been trying to make our beds everyday and you are so right that it does make the rooms look cleaner, even if there are toys all over the place!!!

Paula Constable said...

You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words and signing up!

Helene, that's awesome that you have already learned some ways to take small steps that will help you everyday!

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