Friday, November 07, 2008

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas: Give The Gift of Experiences

I really like gifts of experiences because the memories last forever (and don't contribute to clutter).

5 Clutter-Free Experience Gift Ideas
  1. A mini family retreat to a indoor water park. My kids love this!

  2. A girls night out for your friends-you pay for dinner or appetizers and the first round of cocktails.

  3. Skydiving! My husband and brother did this for their father on father's day.

  4. A special weekend with grandma and grandpa (great gift for the kiddos AND mom & dad!).

  5. A romantic sleigh ride with your loved one with a stop for hot cider. If you live where there is no snow, you could take a ride by carriage.

Please share your experience gift ideas! More clutter-free gift ideas to come.........


Creative Junkie said...

How about tickets to a movie? It's getting so expensive lately to go to one, if you include popcorn and a drink, so gifting it might be a good idea.

Doré said...

These are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Gift cards are also wonderful for clutter-free... this is especially nice for movie tickets or bookstores!

Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

Great ideas! :)

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