Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Gift That Gets the Kids (and You) Moving

Children love opening presents and receiving the fun stuff! There is the good stuff and then there is the not-so-good stuff that just ends up adding to the clutter. When I give material gifts, I go for the ones that allows them to think, be active and creative. I tend to buy a lot of games, books, and craft projects.

I am taking part in the Works for Me Wednesday challenge: Toys Worth Buying. Here goes.


My brother-in-law gave my daughter Hyper-Dash for her 6th birthday (thank you Uncle Tyler!). Hyper-Dash is an game that consists of 5 colored targets and an hand-held unit.

You place the 5 targets around the room, house, or yard. The unit gives commands to tag the specified target that each player must complete. The goal is to have the fastest time. There are four game modes that challenge your speed, skill, memory, coordination and teamwork.

Why I love Hyper Dash

  • It's a game that get the kids and adults moving.

  • It doesn't take up a lot of room.

  • It has various levels, so it grows with your children.

  • It is reasonably priced at $15 to $20.

We've played this game with our friends even when the kids were not around. It's also an unique gift to give to other families. My friend actually requested this game for her daughter's birthday present (she played it at our house at kid less gathering).

P.S. Looking to give less stuff this year? Check out my Clutter-Free Gift Giving Ideas too! Share your clutter-free ideas!


Arlice Nichole said...

Ok, I like this idea. I just had a baby, so I need to get moving and if I can do that with the kids, even better. I really love this blog. Organization is one of the few things I like to read and write about.

Jade said...

This looks like a fun gift for Chritmas!

Jade said...

This looks like a fun gift for Christmas!

Mom Bloggers said...

This looks like a neat game to have around the house.

Creative Junkie said...

OK - this was THE talk last Christmas on one of the boards I belong to - everyone loved this game! But it was sold out everywhere around here.

But it's early enough this year that if I go out now, I might be able to find it.

Thanks for the reminder!

Paula Constable said...

I found it at Walm-Mart and Toys R Us sells it online.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has this game and she loves it!

Helene said...

Oh I really like the sound of that game!!! I'm so tired of the cluttery-type presents that just sit around and take up space. I'm gonna check that game out on the TRU website! Thanks for the tip!

Doré said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I've been wanting to get a Wii for the Wii Fit. I've heard from people that it can really help get you in shape. I don't want my baby boy to grow up, but at least then I'll have an excise for all the games!!

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