Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Quick Organizing: The Kids' Dresser Drawers

I know it's not always easy for busy moms to find large chunks of time to devote to major organizing projects. When time is tight, I like the idea of tackling mini organizing projects projects around the house. Last fall I posted 8 Quick Organizing Ideas and over the next few weeks, I'll share even more ideas.

Project #1: The Kids' Dresser Drawers
Get the kids' clothes in order. Areas that are used frequently will require more attention so I tend to straighten up my kids' drawers about once a month and it doesn't take much time. Another good time to do this is during the change of seasons.

This is a great project to do with your children. Show them how to sort the clothing. Let them help fold their clothes ---- don't expect perfection.

As you are sorting, take out the stuff the doesn't fit or isn't worn. Have the kids try items on questionable items. Have a donation box close by.

Eventually, older children can tackle this project on their own. Getting the kids involved in a small organizing task like this can help teach them the skill of organizing and that it's okay to let go of things. Talk about how having an organized dresser makes getting ready in the morning easier and finding that favorite outfit is a snap.

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Teaching Money to Kids said...

The best thing that we have done is set out our clothes the night before. I find that there is less pulling and dumping on the floor, because we aren't in as big of a rush, and if the pants that match that are in the wash, we have time to put the shirt back, rather than just dump it on the floor.
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Helene said...

Ah, yes, the dresser drawers that I stuff silly and then try to ignore!!! These are great tips!!

Creative Junkie said...

Funny you should mention this - we're in the midst of re-doing my youngest's room and I actually want to get rid of her dresser since it's a collection stop for every knick-knack she can get her hands on. I'm seriously considering just using laundry baskets in her closet for her clothes.

ConnieFoggles said...

I'm realized that keeping up with things like once a month for the dresser drawers, is what makes organizing so much easier. I just took a good look at my daughter's dresser and it's a total mess. Right after Christmas I helped her fix it up, but it looks like we didn't touch it. Going to add this to my calendar.

One Crunchy Mama said...

I love your ideas here! After I organized my boys drawers I got even more organized by putting a pair of undies in between each set of PJ's to make getting dressed easier, I noticed that the drawers have also been neater longer by doing this! Thanx for the advice!

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