Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Organizing: Tackle One Moving Box at a Time

I know it's not always easy for busy moms to find large chunks of time to devote to major organizing projects. When time is tight, I like the idea of tackling mini organizing projects projects around the house. Last fall I posted 8 Quick Organizing Ideas and over the next few weeks, I'll share even more ideas.

Project #2: Tackle One Moving Box at a Time
If you still have boxes in the basement, garage or storage from you last move, pick just one box to tackle. Have your donation box handy because chances are, if you haven't seen it or used it in a while, you can probably donate it.

Break down any cardboard boxes and recycle those right away. Schedule a date with yourself to do one more box, and then one more, etc.


Creative Junkie said...

This is one thing I just can't get myself to do. It means going into the yucky part of our basement and battling cobwebs. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

AboutOne Sandy

Thanks for this. I especially loved the 8 Quick Organizing Ideas

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