Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Ready for Tax Season Now

April is a ways off but now is the time you'll start receiving all those documents in the mail. Have a designated folder labeled and ready to go. As you recieve any tax-related documents, put them in your folder right away. Open and toss envelopes right away -no need to add clutter.

Start compiling information now instead of waiting. That way you can work on your taxes little by little. Or, if someone else prepares your taxes, you can get the items to them early and avoid the busy times. Be sure to keep all tax-related paper work away from other mail and papers to avoid losing important documents.
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Your life Organized said...

I've done the huge manilla envelope (labelled with the year) for a long time! Then, after the accountant gets done with it, it just gets sealed and filed away!!

Creative Junkie said...

This is one area in which my husband ROCKS. He usually has our taxes done by 2/5 when we'll know if we'll be getting a refund or crying our eyes out.

ConnieFoggles said...

I have a file that I keep throughout the year and then just add to it as things come in. There's really not that much paperwork for us and I use Quicken which really helps organize my tax info.

Helene said...

My husband usually does our taxes, which is a huge relief to me! Everytime we get a tax document in the mail I put it on his desk in his office and breathe a sigh of relief!!

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