Monday, June 08, 2009

Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids

Last month I did a post about organizing plastic containers and lids in the kitchen. I mentioned that the wonderful people at Rubbermaid® sent me a All-in-One set of their new line, Easy Find Lids.
I like this system because you have a choices of how to store the lids (with the containers or seperately). If you remember, I like to keep my lids in a drawer below the cupboard. But, that's what works for me, and you know that there is no one way to be organized, right?

So, if it works better for you to keep the lids with the containers, no problem! The lids snap together or snap to the bottom of the container. No searching for the right lid.

I was able try out the following:

Easy Find Lids - Everyday use

Produce Saver - keeps your produce fresh

Premier - stain resistant

Lock-its - extra secure lid seal

I like the organization versatility of the whole line and all kept my food fresh. The Lock-its lids take up a little more room in my drawer but that didn't pose a big problem.

Here's a short video and coupons! You can also share your food storage challenge and solution for a chance to win an All-in-One set of Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids containers.


Helene said...

If you saw the cabinet where I store my containers, your eyes would roll into the back of your head. Seriuosly. I have no clue where half the tops are...everything is so mismatched. I should probably just clean out the whole cabinet and start from scratch with these containers!

BTW, I didn't realize you were pregnant!!! Congratulations!!!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Helene, I have seen a lot with organizing. Everyone thinks they are the worst. You might be overwhelmed but I get excited and see the possibilities. I agree with you, if you are going to tackle your cabinet, take everything out and start sorting (that takes the longest). See what you can get rid of and what you can still use.

Ellia said...

I would like to pick All-in-One set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids containers...

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