Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Family Vacations: Sressful?

What stresses you out the most about family vacations?

Is it the packing?

What about the traveling?

Is it the retuning home part?

Maybe it's just the family?

Do you take vacations on a regular basis?

I'm putting together my next newsletter article and want to know what areas you could use some organizational tips to help reduce some of the vacation stress. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right?!


Dana said...

Returning home and having to unpack and do LAUNDRY! I LOVE LOVE packing/planning for a trip and even being on the trip. But having to pack a suitcase of dirty clothes just seems so sad and then to come home and have to do laundry and put it all away is even more sad!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Dana, I agree! I don't enjoy laundry (who does) but having to take care of that chore after vacation is no fun.

Heather Happymaker said...

What's a family vacation? No, seriously we're about to take our first one. I guess the sleeping arrangements will stress me out the most. Making sure the baby & toddler get their naps & get to sleep will be a task.

Anonymous said...

We're vacationing with my husband's family so I'm a bit concerned about what everyone is going to bring, such as medicines and food. I'm creating little packages for my kids so they'll be entertained on the 8 hour (!) drive.

Creative Junkie said...

It's everything! I'm in the process right now and honestly, it's just one big stress fest!

But if I had to choose one, I would choose the preparation. Making sure I've bought everything and cleaned everything we need, as well as making sure all the bills are paid beforehand and our wills are in order, and blah blah blah.


Kid Friendly Vacations Guide said...

No matter how much I enjoy the family time and the fun things that we do on our family vacations, the day that we return home is the worst - too much laundry and not enough help!

ConnieFoggles said...

I have a list that I use to be sure we have everything with us for our trips to Disney. I need to have one that can be used for any trip. So I'd say preparing is my most stressful time.

Arlice Nichole said...

I miss this place! Great question and right on time too! The most stress about vacationing for me is the packing. I usually have to do all this washing first. Then there is something you really want one kid to wear and it's not in the hamper so you gotta go searching. Am I painting a picture? It can get nuts. I'm never fully rested before the trip because I'm working so hard the night before.

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