Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Controling The Lids

One area that often a organizational nightmare in the kitchen is finding a way to get control of all those lids for the plastic containers. There are many ideas but I want to share What Works For Me. You can check our more Works-for-Me ideas over at We Are THAT Family.

I keep my plastic containers in the cupboard right next to my refrigerator. It is also a spot with plenty of counter space. The lids are kept in a drawer right below that cupboard. Having the lids in a drawer give me quick access, a top view-easy to locate the size, and space to stack the lids by sizes.

Here are a couple shots:

P.S. I am a fan of Ziploc containers because they stack so efficiently. The two sizes I use are perfect and the lids stack in the drawer easily. I did just receive a pack of 20 piece Rubbermaid set that I am trying out and will be writing about in the next two weeks.


Carol said...

"Oh, my. What a well-appointed cubbie!" (in my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice)

So how do you keep the lids from disappearing so you can't find the right size? I swear the same monster who eats one sock from each pair also feeds randomly on my plastic container lids.

Paula Constable said...

I like the Ziploc lids because they stay stacked nicely (left hand corner). I do go through the supply once in a while and eliminate those with out lids (or bottoms). Daycare does that to you.

Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

Hi. I was just surfing around some blogs, and I came across yours. It’s pretty nifty and I’m really enjoying my stay here. I’ve bookmarked your site for daily visits, and I hope you’ll visit me. I’d love to have you. :) Have a great day and I’ll see you around the blogosphere. :)

Creative Junkie said...

My lazy susan won't even close right now because of the multiple lids that are just throw in there.

It's the one part of my kitchen I cannot stand!

Heather Happymaker said...

Great idea! I agree that those ziploc containers are great. It's always impossible to find our lids, but with those you can stack the containers, then stack the lids & put them on top. I take a lid off of the top and a container off of the bottom of the stack - presto!

ConnieFoggles said...

Now that's organized. We keep our containers and lids separate, but in the same cabinet. Some how, the unorganized fairy comes around and mixes them all up. This may trick her and keep her away!

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