Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling Super Busy and Overwhelmed?

Ever have those moments that you feel like you are running in circles, clutching to your to-do list and you feel as though your head is about to splat all over your mini van? I know I have! Remember, you can only do one thing at a time. Take a deep breath, focus on one task and then move to the next.

You may struggle with getting organized because you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Always break a bigger project down into smaller project. For example, if you are determined to get your home office organized, here are some possible smaller projects:
  1. Desk

  2. Closet

  3. Shelves

  4. Files

Yes, we moms are pretty awesome and talented, but we also can be our own worst enemy. Sometimes we think we have to do it all.......at the same time.


Heather Happymaker said...

Good points, thank you!

Hadley said...

whew! that's a tough one. I think I've seriously got some ADD tendencies. I get started on one room then go to put something in the next room and start on a different project...you get the idea.

Today I have cleaned the living room and have had to just close my eyes when I take something to another room!

Next up - the playroom! Have to get set up for our school week (that should have started this morning!)

Paula Constable said...

Hadley-have a box that says "Take Back". Put everything you come across in that box and deliver the stuff to their homes after you are done in the room you are working on.

Good luck on the playroom!!!

Doré said...

Your comment on my Tackle it Tuesday shocked me because I would think that your closets would ALWAYS be organized!! Thanks for stopping by today!!

Also, I have a quick question... do you have any ideas for organizing when there is no money in the budget to splurge on storage bins/organization type things...

That's where I am now. I spent $40 on the bins I bought for Brayden's room yesterday and I just can't see myself shelling out the money to get them for all the things in the house that need to be organized!

Paula Constable said...


No, my house is not always perfectly organized! :) I can get it back in shape pretty quick though.

Idea for organizing with little money. YOu can always get organized without spending money. Remember, you have to go through a few steps before you get to the container part.

Containers are helpful--they keep like items together and help you make the most of your space. My suggestion is to always use what you have around the house. I also keep my eyes open at thrift shops for containers.

Ziploc containers are inexpensive for smaller items. I'll do a post on that soon. Good question!

Doré said...

I do the same thing as Hadley... and I am diagnosed ADD. It doesn't get much better with medicine for ADD though... now I just focus extra attention on whatever it is that distracted me, making it even harder to get back to the original task at hand!!

Kate said...

This post is so right on. I used to be really bad about getting overwhelmed. Like with the housework even, I like my house super clean at all times, but if I felt the kitchen floor was dirty, instead of just cleaning the kitchen floor that night, I'd have to clean the entire house, and if I didn't have time to clean the entire house, I wouldn't clean anything. Now I know to do a few things everyday that help to keep things in order without having to wait for a Saturday when I have the whole day to do it. I am a lot less insane since I got that revelation.

Helene said...

You make such a valid point about sometimes we think we need to do it ALL...at the same time. I'm that way too...it's either all or nothing. If I know I can't finish a task, I don't even bother starting it, which explains why my house is a completely disorganized mess! I should break it down into smaller tasks and go from there...so much more manageable that way!

BTW, I love your new profile picture!!! I hope you'll participate in the We Heart Art carnival I have going on right now on my blog. I'll have a Mr Linky up on Wed and Thurs! The prizes are fantastic...come check them out when you have a chance!

Creative Junkie said...

Do one thing at a time? Only one?

I don't know if I'm capable of that. What will I do with the two extra set of hands I keep on standby?

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