Monday, February 18, 2008

Organization Teaches Children Responsibility

Organization and routines teach children responsibility. Demanding they “clean up their rooms” when we’ve reached our limits just isn’t going to cut it.

As parents, I believe we need to:

  • Teach by example and be role models. Are we making our beds everyday and putting our clean clothes away?
  • Give them opportunities to learn. Get them involved in organizing projects and ask questions.
  • Develop routines. One example may be that everyone helps clean up after dinner. Or, coats and backpacks go on a hook, not on the floor. Most likely they don’t leave their things on the floor at school.
  • Praise them! Notice the good things that they do!

    Expect that your child’s help and participation may result in extra work for you, but you are teaching them the skills to learn to help themselves down the road.

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