Friday, February 08, 2008

Garages and Basements

Garages and basements often become the dumping ground for all the decisions we just don’t have time to make. Many times these areas are used to store things that we don’t have a spot for and hope to get to someday. Here are some simple solutions to making these areas more usable:

· Remove unwanted items. Throw out, donate, sell or put away those unused or unnecessary items and quickly uncover basement and garage space you forgot you had.

· Hang larger tools. Hanging tool organizers are inexpensive ways to easily free up messy corners filled with rakes, brooms shovels etc. The tools will also become easy-to-access and less of an eye-sore.

· Install shelving or shelving units. Inexpensive shelving gets items off the floor, making it easier to see, retrieve and return items. Tools can be organized and stored in existing cabinet spaces or tool boxes if available.

· Rearrange the larger work surfaces or furniture. Just by rearranging the work surfaces or furniture in your garage or basement, previously disorganized space becomes usable again.

· Read my article, Garage Organization, for more guidance and simple steps to getting your garage under control.

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