Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Children and Their Thinking Styles

When it comes to organizing with children, it not all about what works for the parents. Check out the book, Every Child Has a Thinking Style by Lanna Nakone, Professional Organizer and researcher in brain types. (She is also the author of Organizing for Your Brain Type).

She presents 4 distinct thinking types for children:

  1. Maintainer
  2. Harmonizer
  3. Innovator
  4. Prioritizer

Each thinking style has its own strengths, weaknesses and preferences. Nakone explains how parents can tailor’s a child’s environment so a child is comfortable and can reach their full potential.

Her book includes a quiz to determine your child's thinking style and ideas to help keep them focused and organized. Her website also has a quiz that parents can take. http://www.organizedworld.com/quiz.html

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