Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Behind closed doors, closets tend to be overlooked,until........nothing else fits. With the proper organizing techniques you can have closets that are easy to access and that contain seemingly more room than before. Here are some examples:

· Develop an organizing system. Each shelf or area should be designated to contain specific items.

· Thin out unused items. Many closets contain a lot of clothing or apparel items that simply are not used anymore.

· Sort through the contents of the closet regularly to remove unnecessary items.

· Add shelving or clear storage containers. Just by adding the appropriate shelving or clearly labeled containers, cluttered closets quickly become manageable again.

· Use clear containers, labeled with its contents. This makes it easy to see what is inside each container and helps make the closet more usable.

View before and after photos

What closet needs your attention?

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