Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quick Organizing: DVDs, CDs and Silverware

Project #5: DVD and CD Recovery
Grab a box or a basket and gather all the cases and lose discs scattered around the house (The kids could easily help with this project). Match up the CD, DVDs and their covers or, perhaps you can use a CD album to store your music and movies. Get rid of the ones that are unwanted, damaged or not used.

Project #6: Silverware Drawer
What does your silverware drawer look like? Does it need attention? Take everything out of the drawer and wipe it out. It's amazing how many crumbs can get in there! Sort all the utensils. Take out the stuff you don't use. Could you add inexpensive containers to keep the drawer better organized? Hey, maybe you could win some free ones! Enter my giveaway to win Rubbermaid's 6 piece Drawer Organization Set.

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Creative Junkie said...

We take CDs out of their cases and use these plastic sleeves to store them in a big black box. Takes up far less room.

Helene said...

Have you been spying on me and my family? We have so many DVD cases that don't have DVD's in them and some DVD's in the wrong's a huge mess. We really need to organize these!

I'd enter your giveaway for the kitchen drawer organizer but can you believe we already have one similar to that? And my drawer is still a mess. I need a 12-step program for disorganization!

ConnieFoggles said...

Happy to say that our DVD's are in order. I used the old "if they're out, they're in the trash" route and it worked.

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