Saturday, March 06, 2010

Giveaway Winners: Drawer Organizers

Thank you to everyone we entered my last giveaway for Rubbermaid's 6 piece Drawer Organization Set. It was fun to read your junk drawer stories! I hope you found some inspiration to tackle your junk drawers one by one.

I used to generate the two winning numbers of 5 and 1.

#5: Sandy said...
"Junk drawers???? I have junk cupboards - two corner cupboards that I just don't know what to do with and they collect everything - BBQ equipment, matches for the grill, sand from a trip to the beach, just a whole lot of everything. Thanks for entering me."

-Sandy, are those two corner cupboards an awkward space by any chance? This might call for some re-utilizing of your space, sorting like things together and finding new homes for that stuff that's just hanging out. Also, taking out that stuff that you don't really use or need.

#1: Sheila M. said...
"I have multiple "junk" drawers all over my house -- and I'm fairly certain I've got previous drawer contents hanging out in packing boxes from a move we made almost 3 years ago. *yikes*"

-You're not alone on this one, Sheila! I've seen this before. The great news it that most likely you'll be able to ditch what's in those moving boxes that you haven't looked at in 3 years. Remember one step at a time. One drawer at a time, one box at a time.

Congrats Sandy and Shelia and thank you Rubbermaid!
Be sure to contact me with your address. Thanks!

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