Monday, December 07, 2009

Countdown to Christmas: Cards and Packages

This is my forth week of Countdown To Christmas and it's Cards and Packages Week and I'll be focusing my organizing tips around sending cards and packages.

It just so happens I'm in the process of designing and sending out my cards this week. I would prefer to have them ready to go by this point but that's the way it goes sometimes. While I'm waiting for the cards to arrive in the mail, I'll address and stamp the envelopes. And, I'll be enlisting the help of my children.

Here's some simple steps I've shared on this topic recently.
  1. Locate the cards/envelopes you will be sending out. Using a photo card? Decide on the picture you would like to use. Even if you will be getting prints or cards made at a later date, you can still complete steps 2-6 in the meanwhile.
  2. Compile your list.
  3. Determine the date you will be putting the cards in the mail. Put it on your calendar!-Mine is December 16-a little late this year.
  4. Create a family letter if you will be including one.
  5. Address envelopes. Break it down into smaller batches.
  6. Buy stamps before the post office gets super busy. I ordered mine via the mail-super easy!
  7. Stamp and send the cards out by your target date.

I like to use computer generated labels. I have my address book on my computer and so printing address labels for Christmas cards takes no time at all. Throughout the year I stay on top of updating the database. You may prefer keeping track of your addresses on paper. Here's a simple Christmas Holiday Card List for that.


Helene said...

This is the first year we're not doing Christmas cards. Last year I spent a total of $200 - having the picture taken professionally, buying the cards and having those printed up, mailing all added up very quickly. I can't justify spending that this year so the kids are going to make personal cards for family members and that's about it. I'm a Grinch this year I suppose!

BTW, congratulations on your new daughter!! How exciting!!! I could not imagine starting all over again with another set of twins but I could easily handle ONE baby!! Hope you're doing well...enjoy her!

ConnieFoggles said...

I won't be doing cards this year either. With my Mom just having surgery and staying with us and my husband being sick I'm exhausted. But now I feel awful since I see that you had your baby and are still doing cards. Congrats and God Bless!

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