Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organize School Papers in 4 Easy Steps

School papers and artwork - this is an area I know many moms struggle with because I get asked about this quite a bit. I'll share what works for me. For more Works-for-Me Ideas, visit We Are THAT Family.

Here are the simple steps:
  1. Collect it. Have a basket or spot for each child to put the finish school papers, permission slips, communications from school that you need to look at. Be sure to put it in a spot that they can reach. Make this part of their coming home routine.
  2. Limit it. If you kept everything, you home would quickly become a storage site. Perhaps you save your favorites from each year.
  3. Share it. Be sure to spend time letting your child tell you about their work. That's why they bring it home to you!
  4. Store it. However you decide to store the memorabilia, take time to label the containers with the child's name, the contents, and the age or school year of the child. That way when you do want to pull something out, you can locate the items without having to search and dig through one big container.

If you have piles of artwork and school papers you have been meaning to get through and organized, set an appointment with yourself (write it on your calendar now). Get your system in shape now!

Are you ready to put an end to all the paper piles in your home? Want the help to do it? There's still time to join me and other moms on September 26, 2009 for my Paper Organizing for Busy Moms ~A Virtual Workshop~ to learn the exact systems and steps I teach my clients to eliminate those piles. Click here to learn more and to register.


{ L } said...

Great advice! Thank you

Jane Anne said...

I love these easy steps. I just recently found something that is working for me with school papers. I am using the basket idea, too. And, I blogged about it today with WFMW, also.

My WFMW post: Organizing School Papers

HarryJack's Mom said...

Great tips - we are working on our 'coming home routine' so it's not only me going thru the bags of my kindergarteners. Just wanted to add that we send the 'extras' to people like grandparents who enjoy them - the backs of many of their projects are great for writing little notes, and the g'rents have little keepsakes! Thanx for all the great ideas :-)

Kate said...

Papers are a huge problem. I hate papers, and my kid, he is a paper hoarder. I pick out what I think should be saved and put it in a box. As for what doesn't get saved, well, I put it in the garbage when he's not looking. I mean really, do I need to save a piece of paper in which he colored the numbers 1-10 while at preschool? I don't think anyone will miss it. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do with the contents of the box. Maybe he'll have a blast when he's 25 and finds the box in our basement.

Marcia Francois said...

Hi Paula

I was thinking about you and decided to pop on over and say HI.

How's the pregnancy going? How about posting a belly pic??? :)

Mine are 11 weeks tomorrow - I can't believe it - and they're starting to get big now.

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