Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back-To-School Routines

Making that back-to-school transition can be tough. Getting the kids (and myself) back into the routine before school starts works for me. For more Works-for-Me Ideas, visit We Are THAT Family.
I found that it's helpful to break it down and look at all the mini routines. For example:
  1. Bedtime: Start the bedtime routine about two weeks prior to the first day of school. The body takes time to adjust and helping your kids get back on track ahead of time will allow them to be more focused and less physically stressed once school starts.

  2. Morning: What do you want your children to accomplish before they head off to school for the day? How much time do they need to complete all the tasks without being rushed? Now is the time to figure that out in case you have to adjust the wake-up time. I like to have a cushion of time so the kids can play a bit before heading out the door.

  3. Chores: What tasks and chores can your kids do around the house on a regular basis? Perhaps start a chore chart prior to school to get them into the swing of things before other new activities start.

Your family might consider having a family meeting so you can talk with your kids about the routines and expectations during the school year. Take this time to discuss interests or extra activities the kids will participating in during the fall as well. Is it all realistic for your family and for the ages of your children? Will they have time for homework, playing with friends, and good old down-time?

If you are determined to start this school year off right, join me for my complementary teleclass, Prepared, Organized and Focused: 7 Great Back-to-School Tips for Moms to Start the Year off Right! as I share the top seven tips that will help you get focused, organized and ease the stress during this busy time and beyond.

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