Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get Organized Month Giveaway #3: Busy Moms Get Organized Success Circle

For this #3 Get Organized Month Giveaway, I am offering 4 complementary two-month membership passes to my exclusive Busy Moms Get Organized Success Circle.

If you receive my newsletter, you read that I have lots of great stuff planned for my business in 2009! One of my goals is to offer BUSY MOMS and families an expanded range of cost-effective options to help make your daily life easier and less stressful. I'm so excited about the many new choices that will be available for you.

One of them is my BRAND NEW Busy Moms Get Organized Success Circle. I am so excited about this program designed to support those busy moms who are determined to get and STAY organized! So what's this all about?

When you are a part of my Success Circle, you'll get:
  • Monthly teleclass calls with me or other experts, including "Ask the Organizer Q/A Connection". This is your chance to get access to experts to help make your daily life easier and less stressful!
  • Access to the Busy Moms Get Organized private online forum so that you can connect with other moms who are determined to get AND stay organized. You'll get the support, resources and accountability that you need.

  • Discounts to my events and extra goodies!

  • Normally you would get this all this for just $19 a month! That's right! I am serious about helping as many busy moms and I can get organized and stay organized!
Will you be one the the four moms who will win a complementary two-month membership passes to my exclusive Busy Moms Get Organized Success Circle?

How to Enter

  1. Post a question here asking me about your #1 organizing challenge: 1 point

  2. Post this giveaway on your blog with a link back here to my giveaway post and please let me know you've posted it: 3 extra points

  3. This giveaway starts today and ends on Friday, January 23 at 2pm central time.


Helene said...

Oh where do I start!!! I have so many organizing challenges that it's hard to think of my #1 issue!!! I'd have to say finding a place for everything. Usually when I clean, I stuff things away in drawers and closets and it's never seen again. Seriously, in my house, I can put down a pair of socks and walk away for 5 minutes and then come back and they're gone. Never to be seen again. We're just so cluttered. So I'd have to say that is probably my biggest challenge!

Creative Junkie said...

Paula, I wish you lots of success with your giveaway! You really have a wealth of information here.

Paula Constable said...

Oh that’s a good one! I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities. (It’s a gift, not a sickness, really!) Thanks for entering.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Toys! We have so many, how can I keep everything together will all its parts with 3 little ones! PS There's something for you on my blog.

Arlice Nichole said...

Clothes are my number 1 problem. I have four kids! I don't have enough drawer or closet space. Do you have any suggestions?

Arlice Nichole said...

I posted on the giveaway. You can always let me know what you have going on. I'll be more than happy to get the word out.

Paula Constable said...

Thanks so much for posting a link on your site! I’d love to have you be a part of my Success Circle!

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