Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is the Only Thing I am Asking for This Year? A Butler Bag

Besides great times with my family and friends, there is one item that I wouldn't mind receiving this year. Yes, I have spent a lot of time posting and writing about Clutter-Free Gift Giving and now I am telling you about an item? It's true. However, this item would not only help to eliminate some clutter and save time, but it's practical, too.

It's called the Butler Bag, the World's Most Organized Handbag. I have had my eye on this for a while now. Now, I keep my current purse pretty organized, but stuff does get moved around. Wouldn't you love to be able to open up your purse and see exactly what you are looking for right away? No more digging?
To top it off, Butler Bag is offering
Butler Bag’s first ever Black Friday Extravaganza!

On November 28th, they are offering my customers 20% off their entire order for ONE DAY ONLY!

The promo code is BBFRIDAY20.

So, Thursday at midnight til Friday at midnight, at checkout, enter promo code BBFRIDAY20 and receive 20% off!!!! Go to Butler Bag Now to check them out!

I hope my husband will be stopping by to take a look at today's post (OK, I told him to). I am looking at the Hybrid in Black Licorice or Espresso. Honey, scratch that item I told you about previously. How easy would this be for everyone? No guessing at sizes, no standing in line at stores, and it's on sale!
Just in case you are wondering, I'm not a purse girl and I don't have a closet full of shoes. And that item I previously told my husband I wanted? A water softener. How pathetic is that?


Connie said...

That's what I need too. I hate searching through my purse for things. Every one I buy I think I'll keep organized and then it turns into the shake it all out and upside down to find anything purse. And I'm not into purses either, just want one to serve it's purpose.

Arlice Nichole said...

I do like this idea as a gift to myself. Stuff is always falling out of my purse, reciepts are always flying away...yep, I need this.

Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

Ooh, that's super cool. I wish my mind were as organized as that bag!

Jenny Jones said...

What a great gift idea! I still think it fits under your clutter-free category because it's practical and helps ORGANIZE your clutter into a neat little bag.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I need this! But I bet my kids & I could even junk it up! :)

Tess said...

An organized purse would be the bomb! I have one that I love but hate that it only has two pockets!

Helene said...

A purse? What's that?? I carry around a huge diaper bag...the mother of all diaper bags!! I can't wait for the day when I can carry just a simple purse with me (I'll keep this one in mind for that very time!!)

Kate said...

Oh my word, I love this bag. I'd never heard of it before. Bag purchasing is one of those things I would do if I had a million dollars. I rarely have enough money to do my bag fetish justice!

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