Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Cookbook and Recipe Clean Out Challenge: Before and After Photos

In my previous related post, I put out a challenge to go through your cookbooks and recipes. Here are my before and after photos of the my cookbooks and recipes cupboard. Notice the empty space on the second shelf?


I was able to eliminate 6 cookbooks (that I wasn't even using) and about 20 cooking magazines. At one point I did use the cooking magazines quite a bit, but now I can get those recipes online at Kraft Foods. I do have my favorites that I cut out or print out and keep.
My favorite way to organize recipe cards and clippings is by using small inexpensive plastic photo books (you can see those on my top shelf).
By the way, here is another great Christmas gift idea: Compile your or your families' favorite recipes, print them so they look nice and compile them into a small photo book. Present them as a gift by itself or in a kitchen themed basket. My Mom did this for my brother and me about 5 years ago. We both cherish that gift of her favorite recipes that she used to make. Every time I make something from that book, I think of her and the memories.
Letting go of cookbooks and recipes can be a challenge. I always suggest to take any organizing project step by step. If this is something you would like to do, give yourself a goal date and stick to it!
If you decided to take on this challenge, let me know about it and be sure to share your before and after photos.


Sarah said...

That recipe gift book is an awesome idea!!!! I think I will have to steal it. :-)
And I will post my before/after pics soon......

Paula Constable said...

I can't wait to hear about it and see your pics!

Anonymous said...

I have had this idea for years and have had the thing I needed also. I only have to set the date. Which will be one of my retirement projects and retirement won't come soon enough. But I love it and will do it!

Paula Constable said...

The first step is to set a date AND write in on your calender. What if you could complete this project before retirement?

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