Monday, August 04, 2008

August Newsletter Article.....Organizing Your Craft Space: Part One

Paula, What organizing tips can you share with me to keep my crafts and craft area under control? Though I enjoy working on my craft projects, the moment I walk into the room, I loose all my ambition when I see the mess. Where do I start?

Craft rooms and spaces can come in all shapes and sizes and they often create challenges for many crafters. Sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, painting, kids crafts, beading - no matter what your choice craft is, the key is to keep the tools and supplies accessible and your workspace functional.

For this and next month's article, I will use my STUFF System™ to give you step-by-step tips to help transform your crafting area into a space that you will love to spend time in. My easy-to-use 5 step STUFF System™ enables you to break down any overwhelming organizing project into small and achievable chunks.

Take Out
Utilize Your Space
Fill Containers
Follow Up

The size of your space, how much stuff you have, and your ability to make decisions will determine how long it will take you to accomplish your goal. If you find it hard to stay focus, ask a friend with the knack of organization to lend a hand, or contact me to see how I can help you get the job done!

Be Prepared
Before you begin, grab a few boxes or bins for sorting, a recycling bin, and garbage bag. I also like to keep cleaning supplies close by; a clean space stays organized longer! Don't worry about what cute containers you will store your supplies in just yet (that's the forth step!). What about grabbing a radio or your favorite tunes to keep it fun?

The first step is to sort like items together. This step is usually the longest and messiest, but it is a very important step and essential for successful organization. The act of sorting allows you to see what you have of everything and to get those like or related items together. Be sure to gather any loose or remote items that may have wondered to other areas of your home away from your main workspace.

Give yourself lots of room and work surfaces for this process. I like to work on the floor, but using temporary tables can help reduce bending which can lead to fatigue. Remember, this may take a while if you have lots of stuff so be sure to break down your sorting sessions into smaller chunks of time if needed. For example, maybe you will need two to three one-hour sessions if you find it hard to set aside large chunks of time. This is quite common for those with busy schedules and small children.

You will continue to sort until you have gone through everything. If you have a large space and many items, you might have to break the sorting down by sections. Take time to wipe down empty selves, vacuum those dirty corners, and dust. Think of it as starting with a clean slate.

Take Out
During and after sorting, think about what items you are going to get rid of. Damaged items and stuff you just don't need or use should be tossed, recycled, donated, or shared with friends. Quite often crafters have a tendency to hang onto lots of stuff "just in case". But, if you have items that just don't appeal to your current styles, consider parting with it; it's taking up valuable space.

Is it hard for you to let go? Ask yourself these three questions when you get stuck:
-"Do I use it?"
-"Do I love it?"
-"Do I need it?"

These first two steps will give you a clear picture of the craft items what you have. They will also prepare you and your space for the final three steps of organization, Utilizing Your Space, Filling Containers, and Following Up. Next month in Part Two of Organizing Your Craft Space, I will help you through these final steps to get you into an organized space that you will feel great about and love to be in!

Your Success to Organization Assignment
Do you find it hard to get started? Make sure to set an appointment with yourself. Start with a one or two hour block of time and see what you can accomplish. Each person is different so the length of time will vary. The total time spent on a given craft room can range from 2-16 hours in its entirety, but first focus on that initial session to get started.

Send me an email to let me know about your craft area challenges and success!

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