Monday, September 01, 2008

September Newsletter Article.....Organizing Your Craft Space: Part Two

In last month's article, Organizing Your Craft Space: Part One, I taught you how to get started when organizing your craft space/area and supplies. I took you through the first two steps (Sort and Take Out) of my STUFF System™.

For Part Two, I will continue on to give you the final three steps (Utilize Your Space, Fill Containers, and Follow Up) to help transform your crafting area into an organized space that you will love to spend time in.

Remember, my easy-to-use 5 step STUFF System™ enables you to break down any overwhelming organizing project into small and achievable chunks.

Take Out
Utilize Your Space
Fill Containers
Follow UP

Utilize Your Space
Now that you have the sorting completed and you've eliminated the unwanted, I want you to take a good look at your space. How can you divide the space into zones? Each zone will serve a function. For example, if you sew you might have a supply and storage area, a preparation area, and a sewing area. The tools that you use for each area should be close by or portable so that you can easily move them along with you as your progress on your project.

Here are some questions to help you examine your space:
-Can you add shelves to gain more storage?
-Is there valuable vertical space that is unused?
-Can you take advantage of unused space behind doors?
-Are your work spaces adequate?

Fill Containers
When you have determined how you would like to utilize your space, you will then use containers to keep like items together. Containers can be bins, baskets, boxes, folders, file drawers, racks, shelves, cups, drawers, etc. Containers make it easy for you to retrieve items and to return items to their homes. As a result, you will be able to find what you need when you need it. You can use containers within containers. For example, drawer dividers or small baskets keep tools organized within a drawer. Don't forget to label the containers.

Follow Up
Any time you organize a space, it will require effort from you to keep it organized. The more you use a space, the more maintenance required. I usually prefer to get stuff back in place after I am finished working on a project. Sometimes I have to stop while I am working and do a quick tune-up, other times I just keep on going.

Crafters most often have projects that are on-going for a period of time and so it doesn't make sense to put everything away each time your work on it. It's nice to leave the project out so you can pick up on it in small windows of time. However, if you find that unfinished projects often get buried under new project or clutter, I would suggest creating an area to store projects that need to be completed so you work does not get destroyed.

Your Success to Organization Assignment
If you have made it through the first two steps (Sort and Take Out)- congratulations! Most of the hard work is behind you and you can start on what I call "the fun part"! Don't rush through Step 3, Utilize your Space. If you have a hard time with this step, ask for help! Ask a friend or contact me to see how I can help (I offer my services virtually via email and phone, as well as in-person).

Still need to get started? Read Part One of Organizing Your Craft Space and Procrastination: What's Holding Your Back?. Remember to make sure to set an appointment with yourself. Start with a one or two hour block of time and see what you can accomplish.

Send me an email to let me know about your success!

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