Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home Offices

Home offices can come in all sizes and can be in various locations. But, most importantly, it has to be functional and meet your needs. Below are some examples to improve functionality and efficiency:

· Develop an organizing system. Tables and desks are often quick unloading zones for mail and school papers - the clutter can quickly pile up, making it hard to find anything. When an organizing system is in place completing tasks, such as mail sorting and filing, is easier.

· Add a tickler file and an action file to file cabinets. File cabinets often hold all the important papers but your putting hands on a needed document may not be easy and takes time. With this trick papers are easy to locate and file.

· Keep the workspace clear. A clear work space makes the desk usable once again. Take the time to make sure action files are kept in the desktop file within easy reach. Papers that are not needed as often should be filed in a filing cabinet.

· Create specific work zones. Work space is often limited so it's important to make the best use of it. Create zones for specific task, such as the work, supplies and printing zones.

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