Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Zero Clutter Week! Getting Ready for Summer Break

Summer break starts in less than 2 weeks! Some of you are already there. My family had a great and busy Memorial Day weekend and now I have this urge to get the house, calendar and my mind prepared for summer. I'm planning ahead and tackling the clutter around here before the kids get out of school. I want a clean plate and a fresh start with ZERO CLUTTER!
  1. I'm going to finish up those projects on my to do list. First up, uploading my family photos to my online photo book for the year 2010. I like to work on this month by month and well, I got a little behind.
  2. I want to clean off the refrigerator. Stuff gets piled on top, stuck on the front and WOW - the dust is thick! I'm also going to clean out the refrigerator. This job isn't so tough because I try keep on top of it whenever I do a big grocery store trip but could use a good cleaning.
  3. The paper clutter is going to be eliminated! OK, I cheated and did a majority of this last week when I cleaned out my files and went through the school papers and artwork (when the kids were at school). But, I do have a few loose ends to take care of. My June newsletter comes out this week and this month's article focuses on getting those school papers organized.
  4. I'm returning phone calls and getting in touch with friends and family. Of course my friends and family are NOT clutter, but I have a pretty lengthily list of calls I would like to make and I have some down time this week to get back in touch with those important people in my life.
  5. Summer activities will be finalized. I'm taking care of the registrations for my kids' summer activities and camps. I'm also getting everything on the calendar, even the 2010-2011 school calendar! I know my husband and I will be looking forward to a few date nights alone so we are picking some dates now and making arrangements. I want to be clear that I am careful not to over schedule; I need to be sure to protect our free time. I prefer last minute spontaneous get-togethers with friends over scheduled events.
  6. I'm taking a break from Facebook this week. I realized a while ago that this technology has its positives and negatives for me. I spend way too much time checking Facebook and I have fallen into the trap of "feeling busy" with all the energy I have put forth. Once I realized that I had time for that but not to give #4 my attention, it was an ah-ha moment. Please note: my blog post automatically get posted to my Stuff 2b Organized Fan page so I'm not really breaking my 5 day hiatus already. :)

ZERO CLUTTER.....It feels so good!

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Zero clutter? Wishful thinking over here!

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