Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rubbermaid Drawer Organization Set Product Review and Give Away

The good people at Rubbermaid sent me a set of their new 6 piece Drawer Organization Set to try out. This is perfect timing as I just shared my latest Quick Organzing Idea, How to Organize a Junk Drawer.

Here's shot of the product out of the package.

The drawer organizers interlock with one another. This allows you to adjust and create any any configuration that fits both your needs and your drawer space.
These containers are very sturdy and I like the various sizes.

The drawer organizers also have grips on their bottoms which stop them from shifting back and forth when the drawer is opened and closed. I love this feature because it I want my baskets to stay put!
You can use the drawer organizer in other places, too. Places that come to mind are the utensil drawers in the kitchen, desk drawers, bathrooms - to keep all those hair band and barrettes organized. These would be great for craft supplies as well.
Another neat thing about Rubbermaid's drawer organizers is that they come with a tip sheet on how to tackle your junk drawer. I like that they supply the buyer with the how-to!
Updated Note on the Tip Sheet: The tip sheet is not included in the package when you buy this product at the store. I was mistaken. I'd love to see this happen in the future!

Now for the giveaway.
  1. Simply leave a comment on this post and tell me about your junk drawers. Don't be shy. Everyone has them.
  2. I will randomly pick 2 winners and notify them by posting the results on my blog.
  3. This giveaway will close at 5pm Central Time on March 5.

Feel inspired to get your junk drawer organized? Check out my post Quick Organizing : How to Organize a Junk Drawer. Post a link to your before and after photos. I'd love to see them!


Sheila M. said...

I have multiple "junk" drawers all over my house -- and I'm fairly certain I've got previous drawer contents hanging out in packing boxes from a move we made almost 3 years ago. *yikes*

mrsapplejuice said...

My junk drawer is junk in itself! It gets stuck every time I try to open it, because all the things jammed inside get caught as I open the drawer. Do to the nature of a junk drawer it had collected odds and ends from various markers to keys to rubber bands to postage stamps to...well, you get the idea. It's seriously one big mess that I would love to organize; but alas, I am a cheapskate who spends her time scheming how to get a deal on organizational products instead of spending the money to buy and implement them.

So please enter me in this giveaway for a free Rubbermaid organization set! I, my family, my junk drawer, and my pocket book thank you.

ConnieFoggles said...

I have two junk drawers that I've tried to organize. The worst one is the first drawer that my family and I come to when we walk into the house from our garage. And yes I know exactly why it is a junk drawer.

Anonymous said...

I have junk drawers for different types of junk. The one in the kitchen has extra magnets and clips and twist ties and a few other categories. The one in the breakfast nook (not used as such) has "found" screws, nuts, bolts, batteries and things I feel fit the "tool" category.

wismomworks (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Junk drawers???? I have junk cupboards - two corner cupboards that I just don't know what to do with and they collect everything - BBQ equipment, matches for the grill, sand from a trip to the beach, just a whole lot of everything. Thanks for entering me - Sandy

stivarius said...

We have a few junk drawers in our house. Actually I should say way too many. We have one in our kitchen that we can't seem to open because there is so much stuff in there. Both my husband's and my nightstands are full of junk. Which tends to over flow under our bed. We also have two down stairs in our basement that I don't even know what is in there anymore! We probably have things that we don't even know we have. :)

Deanne said...

I have so many junk drawers in desperate need of organization. These look great.

Sandra S said...

Hi Paula - I've recently consolidated the two junk drawers in my kitchen down to one. However, I still need to work on all the junk drawers throughout the rest of the house...there's 6 in the bathroom, four in my bedroom....and I think the entire computer room counts as one big junk drawer!

Shannon said...

I have a couple of junk drawers...the family one and then my nightstand drawer. I don't even open the nightstand drawer anymore except to see if I can shove in just one more scrap of paper!

Carol W. said...

In reading these comments I realize I, too, have more than one junk drawer. In fact any drawer that is primarily mine is a "junk" drawer.


Sheree said...

We have no closets in our home ( it is an older home) so junk drawers seem to be what we have in the kitchen, bathroom,office and bedroom. Where we stuff all that stuff we think we need to keep.

Kathie said...

My big junk drawer is my phone cabinet. It is the place I stash everything that has been sitting on the counter just before company comes over. Inevitibly, the "stuff" just stays there until the next batch of company arrives and I open the cabinet exclaiming, "Oh, that's where that went!"

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