Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown to Christmas: Final Touches

This is my sixth week of Countdown To Christmas and it's Final Touches Week and I'll be focusing my organizing tips and thoughts around the final details of getting ready for the big day.

The biggest tip I can share with you this week is to focus on the most important thing(s) and let the little stuff go. Negative stress can invade and take away your focus. Make note of those things causing you stress and make note of how you can make changes for next year.

If there are lots of things floating around in your head and you feel overwhelmed, get them out of your head and onto paper. Find a quiet spot for 15-30 minutes and just start writing.
If you are thinking, "Ya right! If I had time to do that, I'd have time to finish those cookies or Christmas Cards!" I find that just getting a few minutes to myself can make a big difference at those stressful times and that's good for the whole family!


Creative Junkie said...

Ugh, I need to let the little things go before they all congeal into one big huge thing.

Rick Imber said...

Hey Paula,
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