Friday, October 02, 2009

Time to Get Out the Hats and Mittens

Fall weather is officially here in Wisconsin! I've already sent my kids to school with hats! One of my readers sent me a great reminder to share with everyone.

Becky writes,

With the colder weather approaching we gathered the family last night, pulled out the winter coat, snow pants, hat and mitten bin and went through the whole thing. We basically did an inventory of what fits, what doesn't, and who needs what.

It seems if you want until the snow flies to buy snow pants etc, the stores are already picked over by then. I like to give my business to the local gently-used kids consignment stores, but they are even already starting to get picked over.

Its just a good idea to do your winter-wear inventory NOW, not wait until you are in panic mode!

Thanks Becky! Becky has a couple sites to check out.
Travel Activity Bags For Kids
Lake Area Moms Squad

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Heather Kephart said...

Great idea! Only we don't actually have winter here. But seriously, I'm sure you two spurned some people into action who would have been gloveless and sad this winter.

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