Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Day of School

Well, my kids are off for their first day of school. My daughter is in second grade and my son is in Kindergarten. Both are excited to be going to school.

This is a new transition for us. Both of my children will be in school full-time 5 days a week. I'm excited for them and for me!

I've always felt blessed to be a work-at-home mom with my own business. It has given me the flexibility to be there for my kids and to work when it works for me and my family.

I've got my list of tasks I want to accomplish today, including putting the finishing touches on my free teleclass, Prepared, Organized and Focused:7 Great Back-to-School Tips for Moms to Start the Year off Right!. I also have a couple household tasks that need to get done like laundry (blah!).

Yes, I am so enjoying this time! In 9 weeks or so I will be starting another life transition as our third child will hopefully be arriving healthy and happy. I have to be honest with you, the thought of starting again with a baby scares me a bit. It's also exciting. What will this child be like? Where will this take us? I can't help but think that we can't even imagine the wonderful times and blessing that are in store for us.

How did your first day of school go? What emotions are you feeling?

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ConnieFoggles said...

I had no idea! Congrats! Our first day of school went off fine. Everything was planned in advance and my daughter got to school early so she could spend time with her friends.

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