Thursday, July 23, 2009

Want to Get Organized? Here Are the Steps

"Where do I start?" I am asked that over and over. Many have good intentions of getting organized-they just don't know where to start. Start small! If organizing is a challenge for you, break it down and start small. Pick a drawer. How about that junk drawer that just won't close (or open) when you want it to? Here are 5 simple steps that will help you break your organizing project down and keep you on track.

STUFF System™

Sort. Take everything out of the drawer and sort like items together. Get all the batteries together. Pile up all the pens and pencils.

Take Out. Throw out broken items and pieces that just don't go to anything. Make a pile of items that just don't belong in that drawer, but don't take them to their homes yet! Wait until you are all finished before you do that.

Utilize a System. How can you divide that drawer to make the best use of the space? Pens and notepads on the side closest to the phone? Flashlight near the front so you can find it in the dark?

Fill Containers. Use small inexpensive containers to to contain like items. Remember those piles you created while sorting? Keep them together so when you retrieve something and return something, its quick and easy. Plus, you will keep your stuff from getting all mixed up from opening and closing the drawer.

Follow-Up. Yes, it will take work to keep your new organized drawer nice and neat, but having a system in place will make it so much easier.

So, where can you start today? What drawer or shelf or cupboard will help you get warmed up? Pick one small area that you can do today and follow my STUFF System™.

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Creative Junkie said...

My office closet drawers need this badly. I bet I'd be throwing out a heck of a lot more than I keep!

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