Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"I want to be organized, just like her!"

Organization is different for everyone. Keeping that in mind works for me and I hope it will help you as you strive to use organization to help make your daily life easier, less stressful so you have more time for what's important to you and your family. For more Works-For-Me ideas, visit We Are THAT Family.

When it comes to how you organize your home, try not to compare yourself to others."I if could just be more like Sally Jo; she makes it look so easy. What's wrong with me?"

This kind of thinking will get you nowhere. I tell my clients that organization is different for each person and each family. What works for one mom or family, might not be the right solution for you. Do be sure to share ideas and be open to trying new strategies.

How do you know if a new organizing tip or strategy is right for you? If it works! If it creates more work and stress for you in the long run, then it probably wasn't a match for you. Organization is about making your life easier, not harder.

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Creative Junkie said...

I definitely am one to compare myself to others and I always come up short. It's a very defeatist attitude that I really need to try harder at overcoming.

DairyQueen said...

Good advice! I just realized that my friend that I think that about never sleeps! I am still trying to find my comfort zone though!

Doré said...

Thanks for this great bit of advice! Some people make it seem so easy and it frustrates me at times that it doesn't come that easy for me as well!

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