Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Organizing After the Holidays

If you are like me, taking down all the Holiday and Christmas decorations is a bit hard. The overall excitement is lower and there's LOTS to put away. To be honest, I tend to procrastinate a bit with this one. I thought I would provide you with some simple steps and tips to help get through the large task at hand.
  1. If there are decorations that you did not use or just didn’t have time to put up, consider eliminating them from your collection. Donate items to charity or to your favorite college student.
  2. Before you take anything down, snap a picture. Use the pictures as a reference for next year.
  3. As you take down decorations designate a box for each room in the house and label it with the room name and its contents. Don't forget to include the picture you took of each area. This will make the following year’s decorating a breeze.

When do you take your decorations down? What organizing tips can you share?

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