Friday, October 10, 2008

Challenge: What Can You do for Yourself?

Organization gives you back your time.

Today's thought: When is the last time you took some time just for you? Do you make a point to do something special for yourself every once in a while? I enjoyed reading about my friend's day out here.
Many time Moms will say, "I would like to, but I just don't have the time." We have to make time for certain things and that might mean scheduling down time or "me time".
I have to admit that this is an area that I have neglected at times. Because I am a work-at-home-mom, it's so easy to let the boundaries blur. My business coach asks me every week, "It's important to take time for yourself so you can give to your business. What is one fun thing you're going to do for yourself in the upcoming week?" My answer this week is "Schedule and have a date night with my husband."
What would you do with time for yourself?
Your Challenge:
  1. Choose an activity that you can do for yourself in the upcoming week.
  2. Pick a date and write it on your calendar.
  3. Do it!
  4. Share it with us! Some of us might need some ideas and encouragement to get going on this. (many of you share on my follow-up post here -thanks!)

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Tara @ Feels like home said...

It's probably ironic, but my time online is the time that I'm doing something for myself. I'm trying to build a career for myself as a writer, so time online and on blogs is really helpful. :)

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