Friday, October 31, 2008

4 Important Steps to Make the Most of Your Time (November Newsletter Article)

"I just don't have the time to do the things I want to be doing."

"If I just had more time....."

"Once I get caught up, I'll have more time."

Sound familiar? These are the types of statements I hear quite often from clients, friends, other moms and business owners. Many people struggle with how to go about making sure the important stuff gets done and gets the attention they desire it to have. Here are some tips for you to help you make the most of your time.

How you spend your time will be determined by your priorities not your availability. Too often we forget to look at what is truly important to us and our families before we add another thing to our already busy calendars. Take the time to reflect on what matters most to you and your family and write them down. Ask, "Do these requests of my/our time fit with my/our priorities?

Try to be proactive instead of reactive. In other words, plan ahead as much as you can. Plan your meals out for the week and then make your shopping list. Take time to plan your next day the night before. Planning also includes grouping like activities and tasks together to make the most of your time. For example, it makes sense to do all your errands on the same day.

Don't overload your calendar. When we over-commit ourselves and our time, the results can be counter-productive. Busyness leads to stress, frustration, and fatigue (mentally, physically and emotionally!). Be sure to include down time on your calendar. I mean physically write it down like you are setting an appointment with yourself. If a request of your time comes up during that "free" time, simply say, "I'm sorry, that's not going to work for me."

Look at time as a gift. We know that we can't make more time or borrow time or buy time, but we can cherish our time. Our time is limited. God willing, we are given 24 hours a day - that's about 730 hours a month, and almost 8766 hours a year. Subtract the time needed for sleep, work, everyday household tasks, commuting, etc and you are now left with a very limited amount of time.
How do you really want to make the most of your time?

Your Success to Organization Assignment
  1. Write down the activities you want more time for.
  2. Set an appointment with yourself to do one of these activities (actually write it on your calendar).
  3. Do it!

P.S. Are you determined to make the most of your time? Then you will want to join me on November 13 for my teleclass, Making Time for What's Important.


barb said...

We all need this!

mummifiedx5 said...

I agree, we all need this! :)

tess said...

Time is definately something I need!

Kate said...

Oh I know, I have fallen in the "when I get caught up..." hole. I try not to go there anymore though. Great post.

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