Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hardcover Art Books Which Reduce Clutter and Preserve Your Child's Artwork

In my previous post/article, Organizing School Papers and Artwork: Simple Steps to Keep it Under Control, I talked about how you can reduce the amount of artwork you keep by using online services to create photo books of your children's artwork.

If this sounds like something your would like to try, here is a great site to check out: The Picasso Kid

Are you thinking "who has time to scan all those pieces of artwork"? No worries! If you just want to finally get it done and organized, they will even do that for you for an extra fee. Read their simple steps to learn more how it works.

This type of product and service reinforces the benefits of getting organized!

The Picasso Kid will:
-Simplify your life by eliminating clutter
-Reduce stress and guilt (one of my favorites!)
-Save you time
-Preserve precious memories
-Make sharing and displaying easy
-Provide a sense of accomplishment for your child

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Sarah said...

That is a neat idea. If I had more money, I probably would do it! :-) Because I am poor though--ha, ha--I am just making my own notebook filled with Elise's artwork in clear sleeves. Hopefully she will actually be glad some day.... :-)

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