Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School Tip #9: 9 Organizing and Time Management Tips for reducing the Morning Stress

How does your family start their day off? How would you describe your mornings? Do they tend to be calm and peaceful or rushed and stressful? If you said the latter, here are a few tips that might help make the mornings less of production for you and your family.

                1. Have your children layout their clothes the night before.

                2. Make sure the backpacks and school supplies are ready to go near the door.

                3. Determine the breakfast menu and set the bowls and cereal out after dinner.

                4. Give yourself time to get up and ready before the children need to be up.

                5. Make sure the kids have adequate time to get ready for school without being rushed.

                6. Develop a bedtime routine that works for your family and stick to it.

                7. Empty the backpacks after school, not in the morning to avoid any last minute surprises.

                8. Double check your calendar, including the car pool schedule, the night before.

                9. Help your children to learn how to manage their own schedule. An important goal for me as a parent is to help my children become independent and responsible. I believe consistent routines help with this. Once you feel your child is able (about age 5-7), create a check-list of tasks they must complete in the morning in order to walk out the door and be off to school on time. Of course as a parent, I am there to help, teach, and support. Perfectionism is NOT the goal.

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