Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Connecting with Friends

Last night I spent my evening with friends from our local Newcomers Club, Johnson Creek Newcomers and Neighbors Club (JCNNC). Newcomers is typically a social organization enabling new and established residents of an area to connect with their community through social and charitable activities.

Last night we had our Restaurant Club-we visit and try new restaurants once a month. This month we choose Fishbones in Delafield, WI--a Cajun & Creole restaurant. YUMMY!
Looking to connect with people in your area? Find a Newcomers Club near you!


Sarah said...

Looks like a fun evening! I always wanted to try that restaurant.....Pam and I tried to schedule a mom's night out to there but it never worked out.

Hope you had a nice 4th. We will be in WI this weekend through the next week but I doubt that I will be able to see you. :-( Sad...too many people to catch up with!

Paula Constable said...

Hi Sarah! I'm sad that I will miss you. I will be out of the area, so no chance of running into you at Wal-mart. Have a great visit!

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