Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't Forget the Labels

Make sure to label as much as possible when organizing. This can sound minor but this step is important. Imagine taking the time to get items stored away in containers and then months or a year later wanting to retrieve something. How many containers will you have to go through to find what you are looking for?

Labels also help with items used on a daily basis. Labeling not only helps us to retrieve items quickly, but it also makes returning items to their home that much easier. Labeling comes in handy for everyone in the household.

I use the example of using labels for children's toys and belongings. I create toy custom labels; each label has the word, a colored picture and is laminated. Having the word and picture is especially useful for pre-readers and those just learning to read. But these labels also help out the babysitter and maybe Dad, too. Kids aren’t the only ones who shove and stuff thing where they don’t belong.

For more information on how you can order my custom toy labels, contact me today!

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