Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Organize Your Husband?

Very rarely do a I teach a class without getting asked, "How do I get my husband to organize his stuff?" Instantly, others in the room giggle a bit because I am sure they wanted to ask the very same question. So what do I tell them? First, I let them know that I am not a marriage counsellor (more giggles and then a pause). I then remind them that organization is different for each person. If you find that you and your spouse clash when it comes to organization, I offer three thoughts.
  1. Communication is so very important. Start by discussing with each other why organization or clutter control is important to you. Use "I statements" and avoid "blaming statements".
  2. Knowledge is power. Take the time to discover how your thinking styles affect how each of you view organization. Organizing For Your Brain Type is an awesome book!
  3. Compromise goes a long way. As with everything, show each other that you are willing to try.

What small steps can each of you make, together?

P.S. Check out this humorous greeting card from Organized Greetings, "Shelia takes the use of storage boxes a little too far"!

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