Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busyness and Balance

65 percent of people describe themselves as “very” or “insanely” busy according to a Day Runner Survey.

I even found this website http://www.bemismfg.com/busymom/ which you can nominate a busy mom. I have learned that busy moms need to find balance and reevaluate often to see if things are still where they should be.

When asked “What is work-life balance? - How do you know when you've got it? - How do you know when you don't?”, professional organizer, Dorothy Breininger, Co-Author of Chicken Soup; Life Lessons for Busy Moms, replied,

“If you can say in any given month: I have equal parts happiness and fulfillment at work and in my personal life, you have achieved work / life balance. Take a look at the various areas of your life: health, recreation, finance, relationships, work, home, spirituality – do you feel pretty good in most of those areas and perhaps one area needs attention? Then you’ve got work / life balance. On the other hand, if you are constantly running late, paying bills late, incurring fees, have not time off or vacation, no longer ironing your clothes, missing doctors’ appointments, forgetting other special events – you may want to see what’s out of whack. Where there’s difficulty in one area of life, chances are it will show up in most areas of life for you.”

See more Life Balance Tips in an interview with Dorothy.

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